Whiting Chalk Powder

We Deal in high quality chalk powder manufactured in Porbandar.

Chalk Powder has been used as one of the prime raw-materials in the rubber, paint, distemper and putty industries. Be it the synthetic chemicals, plastic, cosmetic or paper industries, they rely on the Chalk Powder.

Plaster of Paris

We deal in best quality Plaster of Paris manufactured from Gypsum procured from Veraval Belt.

Plaster of Paris is fine quality with the setting time of 10-30 minutes. This POP is used in molding  Gold, Silver & Fashion Ornaments. It is also used for making statues and articles.

White Gold Putty

White gold Wall Putty is Eco-friendly solution to render silky smooth finish to decorative paints on your wall.

Other Ancillary Products of Paints